Helium Rental

Providing Helium & Tanks Based on Your Balloon Needs

tanksWhether you give out balloons at your business or need to rent a helium tank for a short period of time, let Remington’s Balloons provide you with high-quality helium rentals. We fill tanks according to your needs so you are not under, or over, paying on your purchase. We have over 200 types of businesses and events that we rent tanks to being long and short term clients. Our helium rentals are customizable for everyone and we’ll delivery to your event or business, only charging you based on the amount of helium needed. You’ll also receive helium regulators included in the pricing and not as an added expense. Before placing your order, please provide the following details: the number of balloons, size and type of balloons, and how long you will need the tank. During the scheduling process, let us know if you’ll need us for blowing up the balloons as we’ll prepare a team ahead of time. We’re here to take away any added stress and can do it all to create a pleasant experience for you, your guests, and clients.

Please see our helium tank sizing and balloon capacity below.

helium tank rental

Helium Rentals

To place your helium rental for pick-up or locally delivered, or for more information regarding helium rentals, give us a call at (314) 602-0227 for your free estimate today!

Customer Testimonials

Remington's has an excellent selection of balloons for any occasion you could possibly need them for. They do amazing decorating for weddings and all types of events as well. I haven't had anything personally framed here, but I have seen other's artwork framed by them and the finished product is always amazing and high quality work.
Emily Goeverton

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Remington’s custom framed two of our paintings and it was a pleasant experience. Susan was friendly & professional and helped us in choosing the frames. The price was reasonable and the frames were completed in a timely manner as promised. Highly recommended.
Alper S.

5 Star Review

Susan is a perfectionist and her balloon extravaganzas are amazing. She created an outdoor multicolored arch at the entrance of a swinging bridge for my son and daughter-in-law's wedding shower, with balloon sprays for the rootbeer float serving table... Spectacular and everything done just right.
Liz Peters

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Great place to get important stuff framed (art, diplomas, etc.) Also has local artist's artwork for sale. Cool little place.
Robert Iver

5 Star Review